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Ryan Murray - Website Consultant, Developer,and Designer

I grew up in a family of design and development. My mother is an art instructor and a former draftswoman for Target Corporate, and my father is a retired programming manager for the Control Data Corporation and an advertising business owner. This provided me with an early exposure to visual software, programming principles, and entrepreneurial practices.

  • I have been using Adobe Photoshop and 3D software programs since 1996.
  • I started my career as an independent designer/developer in 2001 and have been professionally programming in various paradigms and languages.
  • I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication with a focus on interactive web design.
  • Upon completing college in my mid-twenties, I was hired as the youngest full-time instructor at the college to teach programming and video game development courses.
  • I enjoy learning and staying up-to-date with the latest tech and programming methods.
  • I run 5 miles per day on an elliptical machine while learning, experimenting, and programming on my laptop.
  • In my free time, I produce music, draw, enjoy the outdoors, and attend concerts

Cathi Murray

I'm a lifelong artist and have a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication with an emphasis in print design from college. During my college years, I worked at a printing company, starting in the hand-bindery and shipping departments. As I progressed in my education, I moved up in the company to the pre-press department where I acted as the liaison between the client and the presses. I worked there for seven years and also did freelance graphic design, company branding and promotion, book layout, and was the lead layout and graphic designer for a monthly Minneapolis magazine for several years. Later, I shifted my focus to web design and developed and designed online magazines, blogs, and e-book publications. Ryan and I met in college and started our freelance business, 3200 Creative, in 2005.

Outside of 3200 Creative, you can find me pursuing my interests in hand-made projects, sewing, cooking, dancing to electronic music, or gardening.

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